HOME GYM: 20ft x 10ft (Our newest member)

Suitable for breaking a sweat, or as an additional room for guest to stay or even a garden bar! The uses are endless..

before its transformation this space was:

Reclaimed French doors from a pub, old upvc windows, larch wood window casements, site hoardings, reclaimed timber joists, 4"2", sleepers, shipping pallets, and many many more items.



Suitable as a garden office, summerhouse or alternative space for pottering around.

In its time this space has been:

Sliding French doors, building site hording, shipping pallets, roof decking, skirting boards, window frames, roof joists and all manner of other things! 

Our first ever customer said this about us:

I can say with confidence that We-upcycle ltd. has designed a unique outdoor studio...for us... It was designed and built to the specification discussed beforehand with our feedback and opinions taken into consideration at every step of its development... Their willingness, skill and ability to upcycle the use of locally sourced materials... shows foresight and innovative thinking which inspired us to invest our time and money into building our bespoke  and unique outdoor space.We were fully satisfied with the result... We have no hesitation in recommending We-upcycle ltd. for anyone thinking of an outdoor space.  -  Patrick.

Other customers said this:


 A truly competent and well organized team. From day one we felt at ease working with this company and assured that our concerns and ideas would be listened to and taken on board. The work was completed in a timely manner and each stage was carried out to a detailed plan we were privy to from the very beginning. The team were clean, tidy, and always positive that they could produce what we needed, which materialized beautifully. The space we ordered is now in full use and we are happy to recommend this company to anyone looking for an innovative garden space design. - Xanthia.

We're over the moon with the space We-Upcycle built us. The addition its made to the garden is amazing and exactly what we needed, we love the look and the ethos behind the company.  -  Janice.

Fantastic result and exactly what I wanted, my new space looks great in the garden and has been in constant use with friends and family... thanks We-Upcyle.  -  ​Georgina.

I needed a new shed and wanted to buy something different.  A friend recommended this firm as she had used them before. They were receptive to my ideas for how I wanted to use the space and nothing seemed a problem. My new shed sits pride of place in the garden and has a number of admirers amongst my neighbours. - Cheryl.

We-upcycle supplied us with one of their outspaces when we had to replace our shed, the price was great and the professionalism of the team was very good. I love the new shed and how differnt it looks compared to the last one, Good job.- Debbie.

Customer Testimonies:


Suitable for those looking for additional space and somewhere to hide!

Made from old floor boards, cupboards, salvaged window, railway sleepers, scaffold boards, skate ramp, roof joists, decking and all manner of other stuff, our beach hut styled outspace has complemented this wild urban garden, adding additional space and garden room.

OUR OLD WORKSHOP:  14 x 8 ft

Made from all the usual bits and pieces, this is where we started out!

It was later revamped and sold, kick starting the business we have today.


* prices will vary depending on customer requests but also materials used, size, finishes and general design. Estimates will be provided once specifications have been discussed with customers.

​​​HOME OFFICE: 9 x 7 ft.

Suitable for those looking for a creative outdoor working environment.

We built this home office in 3 weeks using materials that were previously parts of:

Church benches and pews, school gymnasium, victorian flooring, advertising boards, shipping pallets, garden decking and many other things. 


Suitable for those who enjoy entertaining in the garden and being outdoors.

In its time, this out space with its hidden storage shed has been:

A beach hut, roof joists, terrace decking, bi-folding doors, church pews, art installation, school gym, wall partitions, flooring, shipping pallets, scaffolding and much, much more.

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THE ART STUDIO: 15ft x 15ft 

Suitable for one thing, making a mess! Also suited as additional storage or living space.

Once upon a time this space was:

Victorian flooring and roof joists, 1970's glass blocks, reclaimed timber, scaffold boards, picture railing, French doors, shipping pallets and many many more items.


GARDEN SHED: 8ft x 6ft 

Suitable for storing garden tools and furniture or pottering about.

before its transformation this space was:

A 1920s glass door, Old casement window, assortment of different reclaimed timber, shipping pallets, site hoardings, shop display stand and many many more items.


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We-Upcycle Ltd

Building that evolves

THE POTTING SHED: 7ft x 5ft 

Suitable for storing garden tools and furniture or pottering about.

before its transformation this space was:

A Victorian front door, a bar in a night club, reclaimed timber, shipping pallets and many many more items.