Building that evolves

Drawers made from wine boxes:​ Made from old wine boxes and reclaimed timber..

Drinks Bar and Mirror: Made from a reclaimed Art and Craft Gentlemen's Wardrobe and reclaimed 4"2. 

Counter for Tea Rooms: Made from reclaimed scaffold boards.

Play pit: Made from a Fike packing crate, old Harris Rails and reclaimed pallet timber.

Garden Planter: Made from a shipping create, fence post, beading and pallet wood..

Sheriff Hut Dog Kennel: Made from tongue and groove pine boards, ply board, pallets, laminate flooring and reclaimed bathroom window.

Juice Bar and shelving:Made from scaffolding boards, packing creates and pallet wood..

Side Table/Bench:Made from an old 60's metal magazine rack and used Scaffold board.

Fold out coffee table: Made from a 1940s mahogany folding table top and reclaimed legs from a 1970s chair.

Garden Storage Box: Made from pallets and reclaimed 2"2, with a Perspex top to make a table. 

Kitchen cabinet fronts and shelving:Made with lots of love but mainly packing creates and pallet wood..

Coffee Table:Made from scaffolding boards and Victorian floor joists..

Pallet Wood Fencing: Made from reclaimed pallets.

We- Upcycle Limited enjoys making all sorts of things when it comes to upcycling.

On this page are a few ideas for what's possible but also other projects we've been involved in.

We hope you like it, there's plenty more to come!.... 

Shelving: Made from reclaimed scaffold boards and old Newel Post caps and ends.

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Desk top: Made from an imported desk frame and old scaffold boards and other reclaimed timber..

Two Seat Bench:Made with old lion embossed bench ends and reclaimed 2"1" timber.

Garden Planters or Raised beds: Made from reclaimed 6"2, garden fence posts, door jams and roof joist.

5m x 3m Decking and Raised bed with Pallet Fence Panels: Made from reclaimed pallets, packing creates, temporary flooring, cable wheel and reclaimed fence posts.

Child's Playhouse:Made from all sorts, this playhouse was once upon a time an old packing create, Victorian cupboard door, pallet wood, reclaimed ply board and 2"x2", and two old window. Fake grass was added later.

Fencing: Made using reclaimed feather edge fence panels discarded as broken and fence posts. 

TV Stand and Drawers made from wine boxes:​ Made from old wine boxes, pallet wood, stair banisters and other reclaimed timber..

Desk Lamp: Base made from reclaimed timber.

Coffee Table:Made from a reclaimed metal table frame and Oak church benches.

Window seat with hidden storage:Made from an old window sill, scaffold boards, church pews and benches, door architrave and other reclaimed timber..